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Celebrating 50 Years as a Passionist: Fr. Donald Ware

On Sunday, August 16, Fr. Donald Ware,CP, celebrated 50 years of religious profession as a Passionist. The local Passionist community gathered for a Mass of Thanksgiving in our Monastery Church along with Fr. Don's family members, Passionist Associates from Pittsburgh and Associates from Preston County West Virginia. Fr. Mark Ward, local superior, received the renewal of vows by Fr. Don. There was a reception in the Retreat Center dining room following the Mass.

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Fr. Don (left) renewing his vows with Fr. Mark Ward (right), Rector of the Monastery

Preston County, WV Passionist Associates were pleased to join Fr. Don Ware and his friends on August 23, 2015, for Fr. Don's Jubilee Celebration at St. Paul of the Cross Monastery in Pittsburgh.

Left to right bottom row: Denise Dumm and Carol Wilson

Left to right center row: Mary Somerruk, Judy Mapes, Father Don Ware, Melvin Snyder

Left to right top row: Paul Somerruk, Father Mark Ward, Bill Hyde, Moira Reilly, Sister Priscilla Weidenschlager, Maryellen Snyder, Joanna Marrara and Gary Hilgar.