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February 4-5, 2015

A Presentation on the Holy Shroud of Turin

St. Paul of the Cross Monastery Church in South Side, Pittsburgh, will offer a presentation on the Holy Shroud of Turin on Thursday, February 5th, at 1 PM. Donald Nohs, Director General of the Confraternity of the Passion, an expert on the Shroud, will share the fruit of his years of study on the topic: Discovering Jesus in His Holy Shroud. He owns a life size replica of the Holy Shroud, and a relic of the Shroud which will be available for veneration. Recording artists Marty Rotella and Christine Cullen will bring added inspiration to the afternoon. Seating is limited and tickets are required at a cost of $7.00.

To purchase tickets, either:

1.  Purchase tickets at the Monastery office from 9 AM to 6 PM.

2.  Write a check to St. Paul of the Cross Monastery, 148 Monastery Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15203.

Background information may be viewed at:

Tickets are sold out for the February 4th presentation on the Holy Shroud of Turin.

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